Health and Wellness Counselling Services

Rotman Commerce has a partnership with Health & Wellness at the University of Toronto to offer Rotman Commerce students embedded counselling services.

An embedded health and wellness counsellor is available now to meet confidentially with Rotman Commerce students Monday to Friday at Trinity College.

The focus of counselling sessions is to assist individuals who are experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties. The goal is to help students clarify issues, deal effectively with challenges, and better understand emotions, relationships and responses. This allows students to achieve their personal and academic best. Counselling focuses on providing a safe, caring, respectful and empowering environment, which is directed towards optimizing students’ personal, academic and overall well-being.

Counsellors are highly skilled and qualified professionals who can support students through a wide range of concerns, including:

  • Difficulties adjusting to university life
  • Coping with personal, social , or academic pressures
  • Anxiety or prolonged stress
  • Depression or sustained low mood
  • Relationship problems
  • Attention and concentration difficulties
  • Problems with sleep

Rotman Commerce students can make an appointment with a counsellor by contacting Health & Wellness at 416-978-8030

When making an appointment, please be sure to inform Health & Wellness that you are a Rotman Commerce student.