Guaranteed Admission Requirements

All students admitted into the First-Year Commerce category are guaranteed a place in Rotman Commerce beginning in second year, providing the following requirements are met:

  1. Complete RSM100H, Introduction to Management, with a mark of at least 67%.
  2. Complete ECO101H, Principles of Microeconomics, and ECO102H, Principles of Macroeconomics, each with a mark of at least 63%. Students must obtain a grade of at least 63% in each of these two courses, and are not able to average out the marks between the two. Note that ECO101H is a prerequisite for ECO102H.
  3. Complete MAT133Y, Calculus and Linear Algebra for Commerce with a mark of at least 63%, or
    MAT135H with a final mark of at least 60% AND MAT136H with a final mark of at least 60%, or
    MAT137Y with a final mark of at least 55%, or
    MAT157Y with a final mark of at least 55%.
  4. Accumulate a minimum of 4.0 credits.

*  Students receiving a transfer credit for Economics must ensure the credit is the equivalent of ECO100Y. A generic Economics credit (ECO1**Y) does not satisfy program requirements.

Full-Time Study

Students may repeat any of these courses once, in order to obtain the required mark(s). The repeated course(s) must be completed within the academic year, which includes the Summer Term. Failure to meet any of these requirements, will result in losing their Guaranteed Admission. Note that none of the required courses may be completed using the CR/NCR option.

Part-Time Study

Students holding the Rotman Commerce Guarantee who have applied for and been admitted to Part-Time Study will be assessed for entry into Rotman Commerce once they have completed 4.0 credits. These credits must include the courses and marks indicated in the Guaranteed Admission Requirements. To qualify under the Part-Time provision students must have been enrolled in a Part-Time course load from the beginning of each session. They may repeat each of the required courses for Guaranteed Admission only once.

Official Admission to Rotman Commerce

Students who successfully complete the guaranteed admission requirements by the end of either April or August 2017 will automatically be invited to choose a Rotman Commerce Subject POSt (i.e., program specialist). In order to help you decide what specialist you should pursue, as well as how best to prepare for second year and beyond, we will be distributing instructions and holding information sessions in the 2017 winter semester.

Request for Extension of Rotman Commerce Guarantee

The requirements above must be met within one calendar year of first enrolment in Rotman Commerce. For students beginning in September, the requirements must be satisfied no later than the end of the following Summer Session. Students who do not meet the requirements in the Fall/Winter academic session are expected to meet the requirements in the Summer academic session.

Students may repeat any of the required courses once, in order to attain the requisite mark. The repeated course(s) must be completed within the calendar year (as per the terms of the guarantee); as such, the repeated course(s) must be taken during the Summer Session of first-year (i.e. a student may not extend the terms of her/his guarantee in order to attain the minimum marks).

Students are sometimes met with circumstances that negatively affect their academic performance. If the conditions are not met, Rotman Commerce will give consideration to extending the length of the guarantee. To request an extension of the conditions, the following documentation must be forwarded:

  • A brief statement outlining the circumstances affecting your grades
  • A letter from a physician if you are citing medical grounds
  • Corroborating statement(s) from one or more of the following:
    • Office of your College Registrar
    • Health & Wellness Centre
    • Your Rotman Commerce Academic Advisor

The above documentation must be sent as a complete hard copy package to:

Jeff Trapp
Rotman Commerce
125 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2E8

It is your responsibility to ensure that all documents, as outlined above, are received by the deadline. There are two deadlines:

  1. May 1 following your initial Fall/Winter academic session for students that are unable to attend the summer session.
  2. August 31 following your initial Summer academic session for students attending the summer session.

Although we cannot guarantee requests for extensions will be granted, we can guarantee that every case will be reviewed on its individual merits.