Credit/No Credit Option for Rotman Commerce Students

The Credit/No Credit (CR/NCR) option was created to encourage you to expand your possible course choices to areas where you think you have interest, but may not be confident about how well you’ll do academically. With the CR/NCR option, course results don’t impact your GPA.

Students may select up to 2.0 credit equivalents to be evaluated on a CR/NCR basis in the 20.0 credits required for their degree. The last day to opt in or out of CR/NCR is the last date to cancel the course without academic penalty (i.e., “Drop Date”). In addition, the minimum grade to attain CR in a course is 50%.

How does this apply to Rotman Commerce Specialists?

CR/NCR can be applied toward Arts & Science electives and RSM electives that aren’t Rotman Commerce program requirements.

This means the CR/NCR option cannot be applied to courses that are used to fulfill the specific program requirements for your Rotman Commerce specialist or the focuses. This also includes 300+ series Economics course(s) as well as courses used to fulfill the International Business requirement of the Management Specialist.

Students who would like to CR/NCR an RSM course that does not count towards program or focus requirements must contact a Rotman Commerce academic advisor to discuss their academic plan and submit their request for review, as not all courses are eligible for this option. Students are unable to CR/NCR RSM courses by themselves on ACORN.

If you’re considering the CR/NCR option for a non-RSM course that isn’t a program requirement, consult with your College to ensure that the decision won’t compromise your ability to meet your degree requirements.

Learn more about the Credit/No Credit option.

Note that courses taken to be assessed on a CR/NCR basis cannot be used to fulfill subject POSt requirements under any circumstances.