How to Create your Personal Value Proposition

Your pitch is based on your Personal Value Proposition (PVP), or your unique promise of value; through your pitch, you will tell your listener what you are capable of doing and what you are looking to do. A good pitch should:

  • Communicate what makes you different and special
  • Distinguish you from others by tapping into your values, strengths and passions
  • Explain what you can do or what you can offer an employer

Step 1: Set a clear target

Your PVP begins with a target audience, one that needs what you have to offer. List your potential targets– colleagues, classmates, hiring managers, companies, jobs, etc.

Step 2: Identify your strengths

Uncover your brand by going deep inside and defining your vision, purpose, values, passions and goals. Understand what others think about you. What would others say are your greatest strengths and attributes? Understand what sets you apart from your peers/competitors.

Step 3: Tie your strengths to your target

For example, don’t leave it up to a potential employer to guess how your strengths relate to their needs. Let your PVP tightly connect you to the position. Connect the dots for your audience. Consider their perspective and know why they should meet with you, hire you or promote you.

Step 4: Provide evidence and success stories

Your strengths may be what an employer is “buying” but your achievements and accomplishments are the evidence you have those strengths. They make your case convincing.

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