The 2-Hour Job Search

According to ‘The 2-Hour Job Search”, by Steve Dalton, the more you know about your target industry, the better prepared you will be in articulating your interest and discussing industry trends with employers. It will also better prepare you for the realities of the job and working for a particular company. Listed below are options to help you explore.

Targeting is the most frequently overlooked and under-used job search strategy. Your goal is not to select a thousand companies and then aim a social media campaign at them – or worse, fire off your resume to all of their job postings. Your goal is to find specific companies, job functions and the right people to connect with for key information and access. Doing your homework makes you a well-informed candidate.

  1. Be a subject matter expert in your target industry (or industries) to know what the trends are, are companies growing or downsizing, etc.
  2. Focus on companies that meet YOUR specific criteria such as industry, type of organization, size, growth potential, organizational culture, location, length of commute or any combination of these or other factors appropriate to your personal situation.
  3. Develop and maintain a target company list and then network into those organizations.

Create your target list using the 2-hour job search strategy

There are many ways to develop your target list of companies, but we recommend using the LAMP method by Steve Dalton, as explained in his 2 Hour Job Search – an efficient and effective job search methodology:

  • Step 1:L – Generate your LIST of potential targets (40)
  • Step 2:A – Focus on ALUMNI contacts.
  • Step 3:M – MOTIVATION – record on a scale 1 – 5, with 5 denoting your dream employer
  • Step 4:P – Does the company have a job POSTING? This is a proxy measure of whether the company is hiring
  • Sort first by Motivation (high to low), second by Postings and third by Alumni. Focus on your target employers who are currently hiring.

Watch the three 2 Hour Job Search videos from Beyond B-School to learn how to use the LAMP method to build your target company list and make connections at those companies:

2HR JS Part 1

Prioritizing Target Employers (51 mins)
One of the biggest challenges of the job search is not knowing where to start. After this webinar, you will know how to:

  • Create a LAMP  list of 40 target employers using four different methods
  • Collect three pieces of data that are easy to find and predictive of job search success
  • Determine a Top 5 for maximizing your chance of securing employment quickly… all in just 70 minutes of effort


  • Use the “LAMP Company Target List” in the Tools & Templates section above.
  • Before you start reaching out to contacts, is your LinkedIn profile up-to-date? If not, check out the LI Intensive on the Network page, under LinkedIn

2HR JS Part 2

Making Connections By Picking Starter Contacts & Finding Email Addresses (38 mins)
Most job seekers know that an internal referral is a necessary prerequisite to getting an interview (and avoiding the online job posting “black hole”), but few job seekers know the right person to contact to get that referral nor how to get in touch with him or her.

2HR JS Part 3

Reach Out by Writing and Tracking Simple, Effective Outreach Emails (48 mins)
One of the most common job search questions is “What should I write?” in an email to a potential employer. Learn exactly what to say in this webinar to maximize your “return on effort.”
Learn how to:

  • Write effective 50-word outreach emails that attract — not just any contacts — but the right kind of contacts
  • Learn how to quickly differentiate between the three types of contacts encountered in a job search: Boosters, Obligates, and Curmudgeons
  • Track (and follow-up on) outreach to minimize difficulty of managing outreach to multiple employers simultaneously.

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