On-Campus Support

Your first month on campus will be full of new and exciting activities. Occasionally, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of work. You may be struggling to balance your involvement in the many events open to you. Or you may feel homesick, or just stressed out. If that happens, don’t wait until things get really bad to seek help. There are lots of places and people to turn to for support. 

University Support for Students in Distress

The University has a strong system of support for students experiencing difficulties in their personal or academic lives. If you’re in a FLC (First-Year Learning Community), you might wish to talk to your FLC leader about where you can seek help. Students living in residence can go to their residence don, and all students have access to counselling at the Health and Wellness office. If you’re concerned about your academics, you can talk to an advisor in your College Registrar’s office.

You can find more information on the supports available to you at UofT here.

Rotman Commerce Academic Advisors

In addition, each student has their very own Rotman Commerce Academic Advisor, who is assigned to you based on your last name:

  • Students with last names starting with A to D can contact Priya Antony
  • Students with last names starting with E to K can contact Shawn Mitchell
  • Students with last names starting with L to O can contact Rob Michaud
  • Students with last names starting with P to V can contact Kathleen Ogden
  • Students with last name starting with W to Z can contact Tricia Patel

Students can book appointments with their academic advisor through the Rotman Commerce Portal (login required).

We also host a Health and Wellness counsellor on site once a week to assist students in managing academic and personal stress. And if you’re an international student, you may find it useful to talk with our dedicated international student advisor.

Our goal is to help make the transition from high school to university as smooth as possible, and to ensure that you have the tools you need to succeed in your program at Rotman Commerce. The various forms of personal and academic support available on campus are some of those tools. Please use them when you find yourself in need. You’ll be glad you did.