First-Year Learning Communities

Want to feel a sense of community right from your first week of school? Want to get to know people in your classes? Sign up for a Rotman Commerce First-Year Learning Community (FLC)!  First-Year Learning Communities are a great way for you to get to know your fellow students in a laid-back, social atmosphere. Rotman Commerce FLCs are groups of 20-30 first-year students, led by senior Rotman Commerce students, who get together throughout the school year to participate in various academic, personal development, and social activities.

Everyone in your FLC group will be enrolled in the same section of the mandatory first-year commerce courses – RSM100H, RSM219H, RSM230H, RSM250H, ECO101H, ECO102H, and MAT133Y – meaning that you’ll always have people to study with, exchange class notes with, or sit with in class. First-Year Learning Communities make it easier to find your way around, make friends, form study groups, develop skills, and succeed academically. Ultimately, FLCs enhance the way you learn and help you connect to your university community and helpful services.

Aside from some key sessions, the topics covered in FLC meetings are catered to each groups’ individual interests. These may include any of the following and more:

  • Networking and making a good first impression
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Finance Lab and Business Information Centre (BIC) tours
  • Career Centre session: Resume and summer job search
  • Service learning: Volunteering and community engagement
  • The FLC Communication Challenge (public speaking workshop)
  • Academic integrity
  • Cracking the Case: Case prep session
  • Game theory
  • Effective studying and note-taking, exam prep, time management skills
  • FLC in the City: skating event
  • Snakes and Lattes: Board game cafe
  • Inter-FLC Pumpkin Carving Competition
  • FLC Cooking Challenge: Cooking 101
  • Holiday hot chocolate social
  • FLC Royale: Year-end annual social

You will also get a chance to participate in a service learning component through community engagement and a case competition. FLC is not a class and there will be no grades assigned. However, each successful participant will be awarded annotation on their transcript for completing the program. In addition, there is no cost to participate in a FLC! The FLC program attracts over 300 Rotman Commerce students each year. Make sure to secure your spot before they are all gone!

To learn more about First-Year Learning Communities and to sign up, visit the Arts & Science Learning Communities site.

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