Welcome to Rotman Commerce

Congratulations on being accepted into Rotman Commerce!

Every year, thousands of the brightest students from across Canada and around the world apply to get into our program, so being admitted is a great accomplishment. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to campus! In the meantime, however, there are some things you can do before school starts to prepare for your arrival here in September.

Join our Rotman Commerce Class of 2023 Facebook Group

Meet your new classmates and get to know each other online! The Rotman Commerce Class of 2023 Facebook group is your space to make new friends, ask questions, and get excited to join us.

Book a Campus Tour

If you’re not already familiar with the University of Toronto and you’re planning on being in town, come visit our beautiful campus. Tours run nearly every day and can help you begin to picture yourself here – and get a head start on navigating your new neighbourhood.

You can book a tour here (note that you’ll want to select the St. George campus option!).

Attend a Rotman Commerce Welcome Chat

Learn about the program, meet your academic advisors, and chat with other new students in these fun, informative sessions! Designed to help you gain an overview of the amazing experiences available to Rotman Commerce students, these sessions will cover everything you need to know before you start classes and act as a complement to your college information session. If you’ve been admitted to Rotman Commerce and accepted your offer, be sure to watch your email for an invite to these welcome chats!

In our session, we’ll introduce you to the courses you’ll be taking in first year, as well as to the different specialist programs you’ll be able to choose from starting in your second year. You’ll get tips on how to select your courses effectively and efficiently, based on the specialist path you’re interested in taking. We’ll share some of the highlights of student life at Rotman Commerce – our diverse and incredibly active student groups, case competitions and conferences, career resources and skills training, lecture series and mentorship programs – and talk to you about how you can get involved right from day one.

The dates for our 2019 Welcome Chats are still being finalized. Accepted students will receive invitations for these chats via email once the dates are set. Please stay tuned!