Why Rotman Commerce?

One of the questions we’re always asked by prospective students is why should I choose Rotman Commerce? Of course, the answer depends on who you are and who you ask, but here are our Top 10:

  1. A degree from Rotman Commerce at the University of Toronto is recognized everywhere in the world. 
    The Rotman School of Management, where most of our professors teach, has been ranked Canada’s #1 Business School every year for the past 10 years by the Financial Times, while the University of Toronto is recognized internationally as Canada’s top-ranked university (19th worldwide) in the standard-setting Times Higher Education rankings.
  2. At Rotman Commerce, your next-door neighbours are some of the world’s most recognized companies.
    With Toronto’s high-powered, globally influential Bay Street a short walk away, our students have close access to the world’s most recognized companies and financial institutions. Recruiters from these firms routinely come by our campus for information sessions, mock interviews, and networking events. In addition, thousands of our graduates are putting the skills they gained at Rotman Commerce to work in the offices of these and other Toronto-area companies every day.
  3. You will get no finer academic education at any other Canadian business school, bar none. 
    At the end of your degree with us, your understanding of business will blow the competition out of the water, and your confidence in your ability to perform in your new career will have a foundation in real learning. And our profs are a great mix of renowned researchers, seasoned teachers, and industry professionals, so the knowledge you gain with us will be delivered by some of the world’s best.
  4. Our students.
    Every year we welcome students from around the world into our program – students whose lived experiences, talent, and skills contribute to possibly the most internationally diverse, shockingly intelligent, and immensely interesting undergraduate business community in Canada. Our video application helps us ensure that every student we accept has the capacity to thrive, and gives us an idea of the unique aspirations and personality that each of you brings to our incoming class.
  5. Dedicated career services to help you develop your perfect career path. 
    Our growing team of career advisers and relationship managers are experts in career education and are constantly seeking out new internship and career opportunities for our students.
  6. Our global alumni network is over 10,000 strong with roots that run deep in Canada’s business community.
    Since we awarded our first Bachelor of Commerce degrees in 1924, we have graduated thousands of men and women, many of whom have gone on to become leaders in the business world. Among our alumni are entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jim Balsillie (BCom ’84); CIBC President and CEO, Victor Dodig (BCom ’88); UofT Chancellor and former federal Finance Minister, the Honourable Michael Wilson (BCom ’59);  Vice-Chair and former CEO of CLP Power, Betty S.M. Yuen (BCom ’79); President and CEO of Manulife Corporation, Donald Guloien (BCom ’80); President and CEO of Dynacare, Naseem Somani (BCom ’83); and President and Partner of Dufflet Pastries, Daniele Bertrand (BCom ’82).
  7. No matter what your interests, there’s a club for that here. And if there isn’t, you can start one. 
    Between the hundreds of student clubs at UofT and our 20 Rotman Commerce-specific business clubs, you will find your niche. There is so much offered at our St George campus for you to dive deeper into your passions, or find completely new ones.
  8. Toronto is a hotbed of diverse cultures, arts, music, sports – if you can name it, you can find it here. 
    Toronto has been ranked one of the top cities in the world to live in by The Economist (taking the top spot in its global Safe Cities Index),  and ties Vancouver and Boston for 13th place in the QS ranking of the Best Student Cities to live in. We’re host to the star-studded Toronto International Film Festival, the Gehry-designed Art Gallery of Ontario, the world-famous Royal Ontario Museum, the Toronto Raptors, Maple Leafs, and Blue Jays, and major festivals such as Caribana, Luminator, and Toronto Pride. If experiencing all that urban life has to offer is on your list, it doesn’t get better than Toronto.
  9. We’ve got history and lots of it. 
    With some of the most amazing examples of gothic and Victorian architecture in the country, our beautiful St George campus will make you feel like you’ve walked onto Hogwarts grounds. We’ve even got our own quidditch team! What better place to study than one where the campus has inspired over a century of ambitious and innovative students, including some of Canada’s most influential leaders.
  10. We’re growing!
    We’re embarking on some ambitious projects over the next few years to improve on the Rotman Commerce student experience. New student hang-out spaces, updated classrooms and meeting rooms, more holistic student programming and career services, and better event facilities are all on the way to help make our student life the best it can be.