Transfer Students and Other Applicants

Students Transferring from U of T’s Faculty of Arts & Science

A limited number of spaces in Rotman Commerce are available to students of U of T’s Faculty of Arts & Science who were not admitted to the First Year Commerce category but who have completed the required first-year program entry courses (see below). Entry into Rotman Commerce through this route is competitive. Students who apply are advised to simultaneously ensure that they have appropriate prerequisites for other Arts and Science programs of interest. Students interested in transferring from the Faculty of Arts & Science to Rotman Commerce should consult with their College Registrar’s Office to ensure they meet the requisite subject POSt requirements.

Minimum admission requirements:

  • Complete MGT100H (or equivalent) with a mark of at least 67%;
  • Complete ECO101H and ECO102H each with a mark of at least 63% (applicants who completed ECO100Y as an equivalent are required to have a mark of at least 67%);
  • Complete one of the following: MAT133Y with a mark of at least 63%; MAT135H + MAT136H each with a final mark of at least 60%; or MAT137Y (or MAT157Y) with a final mark of at least 55%;
  • Attain an average of at least 73% across the qualifying courses;
  • Accumulate a minimum of 4.0 credits;
  • Complete an online Rotman Commerce Supplemental Application.

In order to be considered for admission for September, you will need to have completed all of the admission requirements by the end of the previous April. Admission will be based on required courses and the Rotman Commerce Supplemental Application. Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission to the Rotman Commerce program.

Application procedure

Faculty of Arts & Science students wishing to transfer into Rotman Commerce should consult the Faculty of Arts & Science instructions on applying to programs and follow the application procedures outlined there. Note that Rotman Commerce is considered a Type 3 Program, for which we do not offer a second round of applications.

Prospective transfer students should note that, subsequent to their completion of 4.0 credits, Rotman Commerce students pay higher fees than Arts & Science students. If you are interested in transferring to Rotman Commerce from the Faculty of Arts & Science, we advise you to review the Rotman Commerce tuition information to ensure you are aware of the financial implications of a transfer.

Other Applicants

Transfer and Second Degree Applicants

Rotman Commerce does not generally accept students with any post-secondary education, transfers from other universities, or second-degree students. Students who choose to apply must provide a letter requesting special consideration, to be considered for admission to Rotman Commerce. Applicants should use the letter to demonstrate why an exception to the rule should be made for them. Combined with exceptionally strong academic history, particularly at the post-secondary level, transfer students may be competitive for admission, dependent on space available in the program.

Non-Degree Students

Only MGT100H1 Introduction to Management is open to non-degree students. Non-degree students may not enrol in other courses at Rotman Commerce.

Exchange Students

Students studying at another university who are interested in attending Rotman Commerce on exchange should consult the Centre for International Experience for guidelines and procedures.