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Transfer Students and Other Applicants

Due to the program’s limited capacity and its high retention rate, very few spaces are available for mature students and applicants with prior post-secondary education. As such, admission by way of transfer is extremely competitive and transfer applicants wishing to study business at the university level are advised to explore multiple options.

In rare cases, and when space permits, transfer and mature applicants may be eligible for admission provided they have a strong academic history, a compelling supplemental application and a request for special consideration explaining why an exception to the transfer policy should be made in their case.

The requirements for transfer consideration are below. Satisfying these requirements does not guarantee admission, and as such they should not be considered as pathways to Rotman Commerce.

Students Transferring from U of T’s Faculty of Arts & Science

Successful transfers into Rotman Commerce are very rare, however, students who complete the admission requirements will be considered for admission to Rotman Commerce if they apply to change their Program between March and April of their first year. Combined with a strong supplemental application, transfer students may be competitive for admission into 2nd year of Rotman Commerce, depending on space available in the program. The program prerequisites you are as follows:

Please note that we reserve the right to give preference to students whose marks are the result of a single attempt at each course and simply completing these first year program prerequisites does not ensure that a student will be admissible to transfer into Rotman Commerce.

Transfer and Second Degree Applicants

Rotman Commerce does not generally accept students with any post-secondary education, transfers from other universities, or second-degree students. Students who choose to apply must complete the Form Requesting Special Consideration, available on the JOIN Portal, to be considered for admission to Rotman Commerce. Applicants should use the form to demonstrate why an exception to the rule should be made for them. Combined with exceptionally strong academic history, particularly at the post-secondary level, transfer students may be competitive for admission, dependent on space available in the program.

Non-Degree Students

Only MGT100H1 Introduction to Management is open to non-degree students. Non-degree students may not enroll in other courses at Rotman Commerce.

Exchange Students

Students studying at another university who are interested in attending Rotman Commerce on exchange should consult the Centre for International Experience for guidelines and procedures.

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