Rotman Commerce Houses

There are five Rotman Commerce Houses – Bedford, Devonshire, Galbraith, Harbord, and Madison – named for the streets that lead into the University of Toronto’s St. George campus. Upon entry to the program, all first-year Rotman Commerce students are randomly sorted into a House.

How do Rotman Commerce Houses work?

Each House is led by a House Mentor, two House Co-Captains, and three first-year House Leads. This committee plans a year of unforgettable, inclusive and community-building events for Rotman Commerce students. The House Coordinator oversees the program as a whole 

What does a House Mentor do?

Each House has a House Mentor, a position held by an upper-year Rotman Commerce student. All five House Mentors work together to create the larger inter-House events. They also offer assistance and mentorship to members of their House when necessary.

What does a House Co-Captain do?

Each House has two upper-year Co-Captains, positions held by upper-year Rotman Commerce students who are elected by their Houses. Captains are the pillars of their Houses, motivating their team and inspiring participation, friendly competition and sportsmanship. They are knowledgeable representatives of Rotman Commerce and the University of Toronto. They meet with the House Leads to discuss the planning of safe, welcoming, and enjoyable intra-house events and activities, and provide assistance and mentorship when necessary.

What does a House Lead do?

House Leads are first-year Rotman Commerce students who are determined to make an impact on their Rotman Commerce experience right from the start. Each House has three House leads with specific titles: Marketing Lead, Events Lead, and Finance Lead. They collaborate and report to their House Co-Captains to plan and execute events for the year, aiming to strengthen community building, relieve student life and academic stress, and create a welcoming environment for students.

How did the Rotman Commerce House System come about?

The House System was created and implemented in the 2016-17 academic year as a result of feedback from the Rotman Commerce student community and extensive research. Students have been the driving force behind the conceptualization, evolution and growth of the House system. Students continue to be involved as key stakeholders in the development of the House system as it seeks to support incoming all Rotman Commerce students. The House System is an ever-adapting program that grows each year under the influence of RC’s student leaders, who continue to develop and improve the program and their own leadership skills.

House Coordinator

Erica Ly

To all the first years joining us in 2019, welcome to Rotman Commerce! To everyone else, welcome back!

My name is Erica Ly and I will be your House Coordinator for the 2019-2020 year. From Galbraith House’s Finance and Events lead, to Captain, then Mentor, I am so grateful and hyped to be able to contribute to the system as a whole during my final year in Rotman Commerce.

Besides being a fourth year student in the Management-Finance Specialization, you might recognize me as RCWIB’s Director of Marketing, or the Social Media Correspondent and representative for the 2018 Summer Abroad trip to South Korea. Along with a tight work schedule, full course-load, and a VERY long distance commute (if you need to vent about your commute, I can relate), I knew that extracurriculars were the best way for me to remain active and involved on campus. The House System has always been a great way for me to step back from hectic studying, and just relax while trying new things with friends, and meeting new people!

The Rotman Commerce Ski Trip was a huge success, and definitely one of the most exciting memories I had during the school year. I intend to bring our RC family similar events with opportunities for networking, bonding, and sports competitions via our annual Dodgeball tournaments, theatre-rentals for movie nights, events packed with ping pong and amazing food like SPiN, and more (suggestions are always welcome)! I’ve honestly gone through about as many of the ups and downs that any student can ever imagine. So, if you’re looking for a listening ear, feel free to reach out to me on Facebook.

I look forward to meeting you all in September, learning more about you, and together, making your 2019-2020 extraordinary!

International Representatives

Chloe Guo


Siddhant Talwar


House Points

Another year, another House Champion: congratulations, Galbraith House!

House Champions







2017-18 Champion: Madison House
2016-17 Champion: Galbraith House