Harbord House

Harbord House – named for Harbord Street – is your family within the larger Rotman Commerce community. Led by two House Co-Captains and three First-Year Leads, the Harbord House Committee’s main goal is to provide an unforgettable year of events for Harbord House members.

Harbord House Facebook Group

Have you joined the Harbord House Facebook Group? Get updates on all things Harbord House-related, meet your fellow Harbord Housemates and connect with first-year and upper-year students! Harbord House event information will be posted on the Harbord House Facebook Group and on the Rotman Commerce Student Portal.

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Harbord House Mentor

nnamdi amangbo


For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Nnamdi and I’ll be your house mentor for the second year running. I’m from Nigeria and can sometimes be found in Oakville.

I am a third-year Finance and Economics specialist and also part of the Rotman Commerce Sales Group. Aside from attending lectures, my interests include music – especially finding gems on SoundCloud- soccer, tennis and watching Game of Thrones.

I hope to first establish that last year’s last-place finish in the House Cup was a farce. After that, I also hope to ensure that we continue to host inclusive events to help everyone get to know one another while enjoying your time here at Rotman Commerce. It would be really nice to see Harbord House students refer to each other for assistance and form a community, especially for first-years who usually enter Rotman Commerce as total strangers. For those who don’t know, if you have a red tag on your Rotman Commerce bag, there is a very good chance you might be in Harbord House (just throwing that out there).

All that aside, feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the House system or want to recommend listens for me in my free time. Looking forward to the year and hoping everyone is able to make the most of it!

Upper-Year Harbord House Captain

Luciano Kwon


Hey Harbord! I’m Luciano and I’ll be one of your House Co-Captains this coming year. I’m currently in my second-year and a Finance and Economics specialist. While I was born in Vancouver, my whole family is from South Korea, leading me to take from both cultures. The Canadian in me loves kayaking, playing ice hockey and hiking trails. My other half loves Korean food, coffee, fashion, and entertainment. I also enjoy traveling and have explored various countries such as Argentina, Japan, Slovakia, and more.

Last year, I had a great freshmen experience. I initially worried about whether I’d find a place in university, however, the Rotman Commerce House system helped me feel welcome. Upper-year students encouraging, advising and engaging with freshmen was crucial to this process. As someone who understands the importance of this support, I am thrilled to serve as a Harbord House Upper-Year Co-Captain. As Co-Captain, I will put my utmost effort into ensuring that from September to April, every Harbord first-year feels as welcome as I did.

To achieve this, it is crucial not only for the House system to organize large events, but also provide a constant network so that House members can rely on each other. This can be facilitated with more frequent, lower-scale events such as course-specific group study sessions. By increasing the frequency of events, the House system can establish a stronger sense of community and friendship.

If anyone ever wants to talk about first year or possible events, feel free to contact me. Looking forward to the upcoming year!

First-Year Harbord House Captain

Makgofe Mathipa


I feel so honoured to be one of your Co-Captains this year. It is truly humbling to know that you all have faith in me to be part of Harbord House’s wonderful committee. I am ready to learn, grow and share experiences with every house member this year.

My name is Makgofe M. Mathipa. I am 19 years old, born and raised in a small landlocked country in Africa called Botswana. I love meeting new people and learning new languages. One of my favourite sports is netball. I kid you not, I can spend the entire day watching netball games, analyzing each and every move and error. For me, netball has been more than just a sport. It has been a character builder. Netball is a team sport of seven players. Each of these players has a position with a unique role and no one position can function without the other. Therefore, players must learn to encourage each other and to work together as one unit in order to be successful. No netball team has ever succeeded without team spirit. That is what I have learnt from netball.

I believe in life we all need team players with unique talents and goals to our own that will encourage us, people we can learn from. People who contribute to us reaching our goals. To me, Harbord House can easily be where we find those team players. Before applying for this position, I went through the Facebook posts to try to learn the history of the House. I loved how inclusive Harbord is. I believe that is what motivated me to apply for the position. I wanted to be a part of a team like Harbord. As Co-Captain, I hope to bring the netball spirit; to encourage the House committee to work together as a unit in order to achieve our goals; to encourage my Housemates to be involved and to be proud of being a Harbord House member. Moreover, my main goal is just to ensure we have an enjoyable year as a House.

Harbord House Leads

We’re hiring!

We’re currently accepting applications for Harbord House’s First-Year Events Lead, Finance Lead, and Marketing Lead. Visit the Rotman Commerce Student Portal to apply.

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Harbord House Staff

Rotman Commerce employees are House members too! See which staff members are part of Harbord House:


Chris Harris

Chris Harris

Manager, Operations

Tricia Patel

Tricia Patel

Academic Advisor, International

Bonnie Merchan-Douglas

Bonnie Merchan-Douglas

Alumni Relations Officer, Outreach

Jeffrey Ferrer

Jeffrey Ferrer

Relationship Manager, Finance


Oliver Schweickart

Data Analyst

Sheri Browne

Assistant Director, Student Life – Experiential Education & Leadership

Jessica Tucker

Marketing & Communications Officer