Galbraith House

Galbraith House – named for Galbraith Road – is your family within the larger Rotman Commerce community. Led by two House Co-Captains and three First-Year Leads, the Galbraith House Committee’s main goal is to provide an unforgettable year of events for Galbraith House members.

Galbraith House Facebook Group

Have you joined the Galbraith House Facebook Group? Get updates on all things Galbraith House-related, meet your fellow Galbraith Housemates and connect with first-year and upper-year students! Galbraith House event information will be posted on the Galbraith House Facebook Group and on the Rotman Commerce Student Portal.

A collage of pictures of Galbraith students at House events.


House Mentor

Mona Omran

House Co-Captains

Irene chien

Maria voicu

House Leads


All first year House Leads will be hired in September 2019!

Galbraith House Staff

Rotman Commerce employees are House members too! See which staff members are part of Galbraith House:

Jeannine Woodall

Jeannine Woodall

Director, Academic Services & Student Life


Rob Michaud

Academic Advisor, Upper Year & Transition


Kathleen Ogden

Academic Advisor, Assessment

Mary Giamos

Mary Giamos

Associate Director, Careers Education & Coaching

Heather Nelson

Heather Nelson

Career Education, Accounting

Photo of Amena Zafar

Amena Zafar

Recruitment & Admissions Officers