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Scholarships and Financial Assistance

The University of Toronto, its Colleges, and its Faculties award over 4,400 admission scholarships and over 5,900 in-course scholarships every year.

You will be automatically considered for a number of admission awards when you apply to the University. However, several awards also require you to complete the University of Toronto Awards Profile, and/or a separate application. You may set up an Awards Profile on the JOIN U of T portal once you’ve completed your application to the University. Explore all the scholarships that U of T has to offer.

Entrance awards specific to Rotman Commerce

We also recommend that you investigate scholarship or award opportunities in your own community. Some workplaces have scholarships for the children of employees, while many companies and community organizations offer application-based awards for which you may be eligible.

In-Program Scholarships

Students who excel in their academic course work may qualify for in-program scholarships. These scholarships are generally awarded by the University or by a Faculty or College, and are based on academic proficiency or achievements in particular areas.

A number of scholarships  and awards, such as the CFA Institute Scholarship, the HSBC International Business Award, and the HSBC LGBT Student Award, are open specifically to Rotman Commerce students. To be eligible for these, you will need to apply directly to the Rotman Commerce office. Additionally, there are several scholarships in the Faculty of Arts & Science that are designated for commerce students. Rotman Commerce students are advised of these opportunities throughout the year.

Finally, each College at the University offers scholarships and awards for their students. You can find out more about these by visiting the following College scholarship pages: Innis; New; St Michael’s; Trinity; University; Victoria; and Woodsworth.

Financial Assistance

University can be expensive and there are ways to offset the cost through loans, bursaries, and work-study opportunities. You may be eligible for these based on your or your family’s income and assets, tuition fees, and other expenses. Check out U of T’s financial aid resource page to see what resources may be available to you to support your education.

If you’re an international student, be sure to investigate funding opportunities that may be available from your home country. Likewise, Canadian students from other provinces may also qualify for provincial or federal funding particular to their region.