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Professional Skills

While a large part of your university career will be spent in class and hanging with new friends, you’ll also want to make sure that you’re keeping your eye on the prize – landing that perfect job or internship. Your classes have you covered in terms of teaching you the information you need to succeed. You just need to add the polish to that shine – and we’ve got the professional skills development to help you do that. 

Leadership skills

Pursue one of the dozens of leadership and leadership-development positions available through our student organizations, get involved in the leadership of one of the hundreds of other U of T clubs, take a leadership role in one of our new student houses, or start your own leadership initiative. There are hundreds of ways to gain experience that help you develop leadership qualities and we’re committed to making sure that Rotman Commerce students gain the skills they need to become inspirational leaders and role models in the workplace and beyond.

Technical skills

Many careers in business require a solid grasp of technical skills, such as proficiency with Excel spreadsheets and a sound knowledge of financial modeling skills and programs. Our Career Services and Student Life teams regularly partner with professional education providers to offer students several opportunities annually to develop their proficiency in these essential areas.

Teamwork and presentation skills

With many of these skills embedded in our curriculum, presentation coaching and teamwork facilitation are always available to help you become comfortable with these vital components of professional life.

Personal wellness

While people don’t always consider personal wellness as a professional skill, we believe that professional success goes hand in hand with personal balance. In addition to the health and wellness resources available to all U of T students through the University’s Health and Wellness Centre, Rotman Commerce has our own Wellness Counsellor who holds weekly appointments on-site to help students address issues around personal wellness.