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Rotman Commerce Student Ambassadors

Meet our incredible group of Rotman Commerce Student Ambassadors! Whether you have questions about residence life, course loads, specialists, part-time jobs, living away from home, or just want to know more about what it’s like to be a student here, our student ambassadors are your first point of contact. Ask them anything! Simply email them at!


Specialist: Finance & Economics

Year: Class of 2020

Ellie is a 2nd year student, specializing in finance and economics. Ellie was born in southern Ontario, and was raised in the city of Stratford, Ontario.

Right from the beginning of her studies at Rotman Commerce, Ellie has become actively involved in both the commerce community as well as the University of Toronto. In her first year alone, Ellie interned with the Rotman Commerce Innovation Group and participated in DECA U at the provincial level. Outside of Rotman Commerce, Ellie is involved in various extra-curricular activities, such as her role in U of T’s highly regarded acapella group, Tunes.Beats.Awesome. (TBA) where she not only sings but also helps the group plan and organize concerts and events.

This past summer, Ellie fulfilled three jobs including her work for Indirect Loans at Scotiabank, website design for a local engineering firm in Stratford, as well as managing operations for her newly launched business, E.O.W. Prints! Professionally, Ellie aims to apply her finance degree into start-up culture. While continuing to manage her business alongside school, Ellie is committed to pursuing opportunities that feed her entrepreneurial passion and drive.


Specialist: Finance & Economics

Year: Class of 2019

Kai is a 3rd year student at Rotman Commerce. Born near Shanghai, he immigrated to Toronto at the age of 5.

Kai enjoys watching the NBA, writing novels, and trying new restaurants. He has experience in Rotman extra-curricular events with involvement in Rotman Commerce Marketing Association, Rotman Commerce Toastmasters, Rotman Commerce Consulting Association, and FLC. Kai also enjoys branching out to other facets of the U of T community, acting as a College Representative for the Political Science Association. Furthermore, he has a wide range of experience in both the corporate world (Procter & Gamble) and start-ups (Innovate South Africa).

Professionally, Kai plans to start his own business and pursue a career in Management Consulting.



Specialist: Public Accounting

Year: Class of 2019

Mohammed is a 3rd year student specializing in Public Accounting. Having spent most of his life in Mumbai, Mohammed has settled in Toronto since the start of high school.

Mohammed is very involved in both the Rotman Commerce and general University of Toronto community, and is currently an executive at the Rotman Commerce Accounting Society. Beyond Rotman, Mohammed has been a member of the University College Literary and Athletic Society and the Woodsworth College Students’ Association.

Professionally, Mohammed plans to pursue a career in the accounting industry and obtain a CPA designation. Whenever he’s free, Mohammed enjoys playing sports, including soccer and basketball, biking, and exploring new places within the city.



Specialist: Public Accounting

Year: Class of 2020

Tiffany is a 2nd year student specializing in Public Accounting. Tiffany was born in California, and grew up in Taiwan.

Tiffany has been involved in both the Rotman and U of T communities. She is currently a marketing committee member of the Rotman Commerce Accounting Society and Assistant Peer Mentor of the Rotman FLC. She joined the U of T Varsity Cheerleading Team in her first year and is currently the Director of Marketing at Suits U.

Professionally, Tiffany plans to pursue a career in the accounting industry. In her spare time, Tiffany likes to sunbathe.



Specialist: Finance & Economics

Year: Class of 2018

Yash is a 4th year student specializing in Finance and Economics. He has lived in Kenya, India, and the Netherlands, and now Toronto where he intends to pursue his professional career.

This year, Yash will continue to participate in his Division 1 sports league, and commit to the fitness club he helps manage at St Michael’s College.

Professionally, Yash looks to pursue a career in the finance sector. and complete the CFA upon graduation. In the long run, he aspires to tie in his passion for travel with his career. During his free time, he can be found at one of the many gyms on campus.


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