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Rotman Commerce Student Ambassadors

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Specialist: Public Accounting

Year: Class of 2021

Arbab is a 2nd year student specializing in public accounting. Arbab was born in Pakistan and raised in North York, Ontario.

Since starting at U of T, Arbab has continuously tried to keep himself involved within the community. He was an ambassador for the Rotman Commerce Accounting Society and has worked his way to becoming a Junior Executive. Arbab loves participating in various case competitions and was a member of the New College FLC community. Outside of Rotman Commerce, Arbab is on the Board of Ambassadors for CPA Ontario and loves to travel with his friends and family. 

Professionally, Arbab plans to pursue a career in the finance and accounting industry and to one day obtain his CPA designation.


Specialist: Public Accounting

Year: Class of 2019

Jackie is a 4th year student specializing in Public Accounting. She was born and raised in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Outside of academics, Jackie stays involved within the Rotman and U of T community through participating in multiple student organizations. In the past, Jackie has been involved on campus through working with Enactus U of T, Rational Capital Investment Fund, and Rotman Commerce International Business Association. In her free time, she enjoys running, city biking, and exploring delicious food hotspots around the city.

As a continuous learner and growing professional, Jackie continues to work towards her CPA designation in the accounting and finance industry.


Specialist: Public Accounting

Year: Class of 2020

Michael is a 3rd year student specializing in public accounting.  He was born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario.

Michael has loved getting involved in the Rotman Commerce community.  He is currently Director of Events for the Rotman Commerce Accounting Society. Along with this he has acted as a Rotman Commerce orientation leader and is currently a teaching assistant for RSM 222, Managerial Accounting. He has really appreciated all of the guidance and mentorship he has received within the Rotman Commerce community and services.

In the future, Michael is excited to begin his career in the accounting industry and plans to work towards obtaining his CPA designation after he graduates.


Specialist: Public Accounting

Year: Class of 2021

Clara is a 2nd year student specializing in public accounting. Clara was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.

Clara is currently a part of the Rotman Commerce Law Association as an Events Committee Member. Within this student group, Clara assists in planning events for the Rotman Commerce community that help students recognize the relationship between business and law. In addition, Clara actively attends events throughout the year hosted by other Rotman Commerce student groups.

As for the future, Clara hopes to work in the accounting industry and obtain a CPA designation.


Specialist: Finance & Economics

Year: Class of 2021

Urja is a 2nd year student, currently specializing in Finance and Economics. Urja is an international student from Mumbai, India.

Urja is currently involved in the entrepreneurial community on campus. She is the Director of Corporate Relations of Rotman Commerce Entrepreneurship Organization and the Outreach Director of YouElevate, Enactus. In her first year, Urja was a member of the FLC community and the social committee for Woodsworth College.

In the future, Urja hopes to attain a CFA designation and build her own business.




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