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Rotman Commerce Student Ambassadors

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Jesudunsin “Dee” Adebise

Specialist: Finance & Economics

Year: Class of 2019

Jesudunsin (also known as Dee) is a 2nd year international student specializing in Finance and Economics. She lived in Lagos, Nigeria before moving to Canada in 2014.

Dee has a lively spirit and enjoys attending Rotman Commerce events, especially those related to business and finance. She also has interest in participating in case competitions.

Professionally, Dee plans to pursue a career in finance and obtain her CFA designation upon graduation. In her spare time, she enjoys meeting new people, exploring the arts of Toronto, trying out new food, and travelling to experience different cultures.


Barhayita Bhatia

Specialist: Public Accounting

Year: Class of 2017

Barhayita is a 4th year student specializing in Public Accounting. She is an international student and has lived in India, Kuwait, Nepal and Côte d’Ivoire before attending university in Toronto.

Barhayita is actively involved in Rotman and university-wide co-curricular activities. She was a part of the Rotman Commerce Accounting Society and has been an Assistant Peer Mentor for the First-Year Learning Community. She is actively involved with theatre groups on campus and is currently stage managing a musical with the UC Follies; a theatre group on campus. She is also the co-head for the Indian Students Society Dance Team.

Last summer, Barhayita interned at Deloitte Toronto in the Audit department and she is on the path to obtain her CPA when she starts with the firm in September 2017. In her spare time, she likes to read books, travel and play sports.


Stephen Seo

Specialist: Management

Year: Class of 2018

Stephen is a 3rd year student specializing in Management with a focus in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Stephen was born and raised in downtown Toronto.

Stephen loves getting involved in the Rotman Commerce community. He has been with the Rotman Commerce Marketing Association since his first year, and is currently the Director of Marketing. Outside of Rotman, Stephen has been heavily involved in the Esports community at the University of Toronto, and serves as the Director of Finance within the UofT Esports Club.

Professionally, Stephen has an entrepreneurial spirit. So far he’s founded two businesses and is just getting started. He also completed a marketing internship in Summer ’16. In the future Stephen is looking to get involved with companies looking for the next big idea. In his spare time, Stephen enjoys music, exercise, and naps.


Mohammed Surti

Specialist: Public Accounting

Year: Class of 2019

Mohammed is a 2nd year student specializing in Public Accounting. Although having spent most of his life in Mumbai, Mohammed has settled in Toronto since high school.

Mohammed is an involved member of both the Rotman Commerce, and is currently a member of the Rotman Commerce Accounting Society and participates actively in Rotman events and competitions. In addition to Rotman related groups, Mohammed is also a part of the University College Literary and Athletic Society, and has been a member of the Woodsworth College Students’ Association.

Professionally, Mohammed plans to pursue a career in the accounting industry and obtain a CPA designation. Whenever he’s free, Mohammed enjoys playing sports, including soccer and basketball, biking, and exploring new places and cultures within Toronto.

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