There are a number of resources to support English language development:

If you are an international student with full-time registration status and a valid Study Permit, you are eligible to work in Canada, with some conditions. The CIE Student Advising Office offers individualized and group advising on immigration matters including working in Canada. Learn more about the legal requirements of working in Canada.

The Rotman Commerce Career Centre is an important resource for all career-related activities and information. Rotman Commerce students have exclusive access to job postings, specialized workshops and events, networking opportunities, and other career-planning resources. Learn more about the Rotman Commerce Career Centre.

The University Health Insurance Plan is a mandatory health insurance plan for all international and exchange students enrolled in an Ontario university. UHIP helps to cover the cost of hospital and medical services you may need to maintain your health while in Canada. You are automatically enrolled in UHIP, and the coverage charge will be listed on ACORN, your student account.

Everything you need to know about UHIP is available online at  but you can check here to learn more about health insurance for International Students.

It is your responsibility to make sure that all of your immigration and legal documents are maintained and up-to-date. However, we understand that navigating government regulations and important paperwork can be challenging. CIE’s has a Student Advising office to help students with immigration-related questions about study permits, entry visas, inviting your family to Canada, working in Canada, getting a social insurance number and filling in your income tax return. Learn more about Immigration Advising.

As an international student at U of T, you will encounter many new experiences and challenges. There are many programs and services to help you adjust to the University and to Canada.  A wide range of Orientation activities will take place in the week or two leading up to the start of classes in early September. Students can participate in Orientation week with their Colleges and in Orientation events hosted by Rotman Commerce. These introductory activities are for all incoming first-year students and will include activities and information to address the unique needs of International Students.

Rotman Commerce students also have a designated International Transition Advisor to help students adjust and find a sense of belonging while connecting them to valuable resources.

The Centre for International Experience is a meeting place for a diverse community of international students coming to U of T and domestic students looking to go abroad. Visit the Cumberland House to find information and make new friends. Learn more about the CIE.