Regardless of the decision, refusals will be posted on and hard copies will be mailed.

Please contact Admissions and Recruitment staff by email at or by phone at 416.946.0844 with your name and applicant number.

Admissions and Awards will make every effort to review submissions received after the document deadline but there is no guarantee that space will remain in a program. It is best to send your documents well before the document deadline.

We aim to have decisions complete by the end of June or early July.

The institution code for submitting your SAT to U of T is 0982.

The TOEFL Institution Code for undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto is 0982-00.

Please be sure to include your University of Toronto Applicant Number with all documents.

The postal address for Enrolment Services is:
Enrolment Services
University of Toronto
172 St. George Street
Toronto, ON M5R 0A3

For more details on submitting specific documents, go to:

To check your current admissions status, please visit the admissions portal at Join UofT.

OUAC 101 Applicants
Most offers of admission are made in late-May. By this time, Rotman Commerce and the University of Toronto will have received comprehensive information regarding your academic record, extra-curricular involvement and supplemental application. This timeline ensures that we have sufficient information on which to base our admissions decision and that all applicants are evaluated concurrently.

OUAC 105 Applicants
These decisions are made on a rolling basis, as soon as we have enough information to make an admissions decision. We urge applicants to send in their transcripts and documents immediately, then send updated transcripts as more grades are available.

We encourage all applicants to visit campus. We recommend a campus tour, and are happy to meet you at our Rotman Commerce offices either before or after your tour, Monday to Friday. An appointment is always best, but if you don’t know in advance when you will be around, do feel free to drop in. Note that in your first year (or before first year), your college registrar’s office is the best place to go for course information. Call or email us at 416.946.0844 and

For more information about the general campus tours, please visit:

Current information regarding tuition for both domestic and international students can be found here:

You may also wish to consult our general tuition information page here.

UTSC (Scarborough) explains some differences here.
Often the difference is just the name. The best way to compare programs is to look at the courses available to you as a student. Rotman Commerce course offerings can be accessed here.

At the University of Toronto, St.George campus, Rotman Commerce is the only available business program. However, the University of Toronto’s other campuses (UTSC & UTM) also offer business programs.

For more information regarding the UTSC Bachelor of Business Administration please visit:

For the UTM Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Business Administration and Management please visit:

If you have, or will be completing, an undergraduate degree at a recognized university (including UofT), you are not eligible to apply to Rotman Commerce to complete a second undergraduate degree. Such students are advised to explore the various MBA programs available through the Rotman School of Management and other graduate programs.

Non-degree students are not able to take Rotman Commerce courses as they are already fully subscribed with our own students. Other courses in the Faculty of Arts and Science for which students hold prerequisites are available for non-degree students.

You can only apply to one Admission Category within the Faculty of Arts and Science. If you join Rotman Commerce, you can still do a minor, or sometimes a major, in other Arts and Science programs (like Psychology or Economics).

In the past, we accepted AP at the 4 or 5 level. However, please note that historically, almost half of the students who choose to bypass ECO100 on the basis of their AP earn a D or F in their second-year economics courses, and earn significantly lower grades in economics courses than those students who take ECO100 here. So it is possible, but not necessarily advisable.

We aim for a first year class of approximately 650. We receive approximately 6500 applications each year.

The Rotman Commerce Supplemental Application lets you tell us more about your abilities, strengths, and interests. We believe that marks alone do not provide a complete picture of an applicant’s potential. Students will be asked to submit a 250-word (approximately 1500 characters) supplemental essay, as well as a short video response (4 minute maximum) to a randomly generated question about their extracurricular involvement, leadership, community engagement or their interest in the study of commerce. This is an opportunity for students to highlight their community engagement, while also showcasing their communications skills. We will consider this information – along with marks – when making our admission decision. The supplemental application will be available on-line in December and costs $50 CDN to complete.

More information about the Rotman Commerce Supplemental Application can be found here.

Admissions decisions are based on mid-terms marks and then final marks are used to satisfy offer conditions. If you are an OUAC 105 (Non-Ontario or International) applicant, send your grades immediately, then send updated transcripts as new grades are available. OUAC 105 applications are considered on a rolling basis, so the sooner we have grades to evaluate, the better – even if they are not complete.

Refer to the info on our How to Apply page. Currently we only accept transfer students from UofT’s Faculty of Arts and Science.

Begin by reviewing the admission requirements for Rotman Commerce here.

The recruitment team will be more than happy to put you in touch with current students to help you get to know the Rotman Commerce program better! You can contact them at: