As an international student at U of T, you will encounter many new experiences and challenges. There are many programs and services to help you adjust to the University and to Canada.  A wide range of Orientation activities will take place in the week or two leading up to the start of classes in early September. Students can participate in Orientation week with their Colleges and in Orientation events hosted by Rotman Commerce. These introductory activities are for all incoming first-year students and will include activities and information to address the unique needs of International Students.

Rotman Commerce students also have a designated International Transition Advisor to help students adjust and find a sense of belonging while connecting them to valuable resources.

It is your responsibility to make sure that all of your immigration and legal documents are maintained and up-to-date. However, we understand that navigating government regulations and important paperwork can be challenging. CIE’s has a Student Advising office to help students with immigration-related questions about study permits, entry visas, inviting your family to Canada, working in Canada, getting a social insurance number and filling in your income tax return. Learn more about Immigration Advising.

There are a number of resources to support English language development:

If you are an international student with full-time registration status and a valid Study Permit, you are eligible to work in Canada, with some conditions. The CIE Student Advising Office offers individualized and group advising on immigration matters including working in Canada. Learn more about the legal requirements of working in Canada.

The Rotman Commerce Career Centre is an important resource for all career-related activities and information. Rotman Commerce students have exclusive access to job postings, specialized workshops and events, networking opportunities, and other career-planning resources. Learn more about the Rotman Commerce Career Centre.

The University Health Insurance Plan is a mandatory health insurance plan for all international and exchange students enrolled in an Ontario university. UHIP helps to cover the cost of hospital and medical services you may need to maintain your health while in Canada. You are automatically enrolled in UHIP, and the coverage charge will be listed on ACORN, your student account.

Everything you need to know about UHIP is available online at  but you can check here to learn more about health insurance for International Students.

The Centre for International Experience is a meeting place for a diverse community of international students coming to U of T and domestic students looking to go abroad. Visit the Cumberland House to find information and make new friends. Learn more about the CIE.

In your first year at Rotman Commerce, you will take the required courses RSM100H (Introduction to Management), ECO101H (Principles of Microeconomics) and ECO102H (Principles of Macroeconomics), MAT133Y (Calculus and Linear Algebra for Commerce), and other courses of your choosing (electives) from the Faculty of Arts and Science so you have accumulated a minimum of 4.0 credits. These will meet the requirements of your Guaranteed Admission.

In addition, Rotman Commerce will also be pre-enrol you into first year designated sections of the recommended 200-level RSM courses listed below. These courses are not required to progress into second year in Rotman Commerce as you need only to meet the Guaranteed Admission Requirements.  But the three 200-level RSM courses are recommended as they will allow you to gain an in-depth understanding of Accounting, Finance and Marketing. This will help inform your decision-making when choosing your Specialist for second year.

RSM219H1 – Introduction to Financial Accounting

RSM230H1 – Financial Markets

RSM250H1 – Principles of Marketing

More information about the courses may final exam found in the Faculty of Arts & Science Calendar

To earn the BCom degree you need 20 credits. The normal course load is 5 FCEs (full credit equivalents) or a combination of full and half FCEs each year.

Typically you will have 5 courses per semester, where you will be spending 1 to 3 hours in class each week. So, you can expect to spend approximately 10-15 hours in class per week.

Yes, it is possible to complete a minor along your Rotman Commerce specialists. It will depend on the Rotman Commerce specialist you choose to pursue, and the minor you hope to complete. Talk to your academic advisor to get a sense of what you can minor in and how to fit it into your degree.

All first-year students will be sent a message in June that will outline the steps involved for enrolling in a Rotman Commerce Subject POSt. You will also be sent program information and resources to help with your selection, such as links to recent program specialist videos and a comprehensive program overview.

The program has been designed to be completed over 4 years. In addition to completing your degree, you will have the opportunity to partake in our extensive co-curricular programing, which is intended to complement in-class learning and your degree. Completing your program in the prescribed manner will also allow you to take advantage of our highly recommended international study opportunities.

Yes!!! Year after year, one of the biggest regrets we hear about from upper year students is that they didn’t join or didn’t stay with FLC. FLC is a mentorship program and it is only available to first-year students. It may not be obvious to you right now, but the value of the FLC program is exponential. Although it may seem time consuming at first, it is often in your upper years when you truly realize the benefits of FLC and what an incredible resource it is to any first year student. It will simply make your university career much easier.  So, the main question is: Can you afford not to join FLC? For more information about FLC please visit:

In early June, you will be invited to a series of Rotman Commerce Welcome Chats, which will be offered throughout the months of June and July. In addition, Rotman Commerce holds its own orientation activities, which will be held alongside colleges’ ‘frosh week’. At these events, you will learn more about the program, what to expect and how to best prepare for the coming years in the program!

All incoming first year Rotman Commerce students will be organized into Houses to further develop a sense of community, connection and spirit! Each House will have Co-Captains as well as an executive selected from within the House who will organize programming and events for the members of that particular house. There are five different houses: Bedford, Devonshire, Galbraith, Maddison and Harbord. Rotman Commerce Orientation will be the first opportunity for students to meet fellow House members.

There are lots of possible leadership opportunities! Check out our Student Life section for more information.



University of Toronto Advance Planning for Students (UTAPS) is a financial aid program for full time students who are Canadian citizens, permanent residents or protected persons (recognized convention refugees) and are eligible for need-based government student assistance or funding from a First Nations band.

You can apply for UTAPS here. For more information regarding UTAPS, visit:

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is a needs based loan and grant program for full-time students that is funded by the federal and provincial government. More information on the OSAP program is available here.

Our Rotman Commerce Welcome Sessions are fun, informative and designed to help you gain an overview of the unique experiences available to Rotman Commerce students. We’ll introduce you to the courses you’ll be taking in first year and the different specialist programs to choose from starting in your second year. You will learn how to select your courses effectively and in a manner that is logical to the specialist path you plan to take. These sessions are only available to students that have accepted their offer to Rotman Commerce.

The Rotman Commerce Welcome Sessions are not the same as the ones being offered by your college. It is recommended that you attend both the Rotman Commerce and your college’s information session as the content may differ.

Your ACORN student number is the UofT applicant number, found on the e-mail and mail on the university’s acceptance letters.

For additional information, visit:


ACORN should be accessible via your mobile phone. An alternative is to visit an Internet café.

On July 21, log on to ACORN to find out your course enrolment start time for fall and winter classes. Enrolment in courses begins on ACORN on July 27. For more information, visit:


There are so many exciting courses to select from for your electives. The best way to explore them is by reading the online Arts and Science Calendar.

Students interested in participating in an International Exchange should first review the information regarding Exchange Programs at the Centre for International Experience (CIE). The Centre for International Experience is located in Cumberland House, 33 St. George Street.

The Summer Abroad Program is offered through Woodsworth College. You may find more information by visiting their office at 119 St. George Street on the 3rd Floor.

Here are the next steps for those of you planning on living in residence:

Congratulations! Here is a link to the “Next Steps” guide for admitted students:

Your offer letter comes from Admissions and Awards and then Rotman Commerce sends an information package. It will take about a week from the date you see your offer on

You are automatically considered for all merit based scholarships and you will find out if they receive one at time of admission. With respect to needs based awards, please view the following

Enrolment Services administers all applications and reviews applicants for merit-based entrance awards. There is no scholarship cut-off/range and all applicants are considered automatically for these merit-based awards every year. Note that the University of Toronto has more funds available for current students (in-course scholarships) versus entrance awards.

Congratulations on your offer – that’s great! If you are unsure about your college, it should be listed on your account at:

Regardless of the decision, refusals will be posted on and hard copies will be mailed.

Please contact Admissions and Recruitment staff by email at or by phone at 416.946.0844 with your name and applicant number.

Admissions and Awards will make every effort to review submissions received after the document deadline but there is no guarantee that space will remain in a program. It is best to send your documents well before the document deadline.

We aim to have decisions complete by the end of June or early July.

The institution code for submitting your SAT to U of T is 0982.

The TOEFL Institution Code for undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto is 0982-00.

Please be sure to include your University of Toronto Applicant Number with all documents.

The postal address for Enrolment Services is:
Enrolment Services
University of Toronto
172 St. George Street
Toronto, ON M5R 0A3

For more details on submitting specific documents, go to:

To check your current admissions status, please visit the admissions portal at Join UofT.

OUAC 101 Applicants
Most offers of admission are made in late-May. By this time, Rotman Commerce and the University of Toronto will have received comprehensive information regarding your academic record, extra-curricular involvement and supplemental application. This timeline ensures that we have sufficient information on which to base our admissions decision and that all applicants are evaluated concurrently.

OUAC 105 Applicants
These decisions are made on a rolling basis, as soon as we have enough information to make an admissions decision. We urge applicants to send in their transcripts and documents immediately, then send updated transcripts as more grades are available.

We encourage all applicants to visit campus. We recommend a campus tour, and are happy to meet you at our Rotman Commerce offices either before or after your tour, Monday to Friday. An appointment is always best, but if you don’t know in advance when you will be around, do feel free to drop in. Note that in your first year (or before first year), your college registrar’s office is the best place to go for course information. Call or email us at 416.946.0844 and

For more information about the general campus tours, please visit:

Current information regarding tuition for both domestic and international students can be found here:

You may also wish to consult our general tuition information page here.

UTSC (Scarborough) explains some differences here.
Often the difference is just the name. The best way to compare programs is to look at the courses available to you as a student. Rotman Commerce course offerings can be accessed here.

At the University of Toronto, St.George campus, Rotman Commerce is the only available business program. However, the University of Toronto’s other campuses (UTSC & UTM) also offer business programs.

For more information regarding the UTSC Bachelor of Business Administration please visit:

For the UTM Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Business Administration and Management please visit:

If you have, or will be completing, an undergraduate degree at a recognized university (including UofT), you are not eligible to apply to Rotman Commerce to complete a second undergraduate degree. Such students are advised to explore the various MBA programs available through the Rotman School of Management and other graduate programs.

Non-degree students are not able to take Rotman Commerce courses as they are already fully subscribed with our own students. Other courses in the Faculty of Arts and Science for which students hold prerequisites are available for non-degree students.

You can only apply to one Admission Category within the Faculty of Arts and Science. If you join Rotman Commerce, you can still do a minor, or sometimes a major, in other Arts and Science programs (like Psychology or Economics).

In the past, we accepted AP at the 4 or 5 level. However, please note that historically, almost half of the students who choose to bypass ECO100 on the basis of their AP earn a D or F in their second-year economics courses, and earn significantly lower grades in economics courses than those students who take ECO100 here. So it is possible, but not necessarily advisable.

We aim for a first year class of approximately 650. We receive approximately 6500 applications each year.

The Rotman Commerce Supplemental Application lets you tell us more about your abilities, strengths, and interests. We believe that marks alone do not provide a complete picture of an applicant’s potential. Students will be asked to submit a 250-word (approximately 1500 characters) supplemental essay, as well as a short video response (4 minute maximum) to a randomly generated question about their extracurricular involvement, leadership, community engagement or their interest in the study of commerce. This is an opportunity for students to highlight their community engagement, while also showcasing their communications skills. We will consider this information – along with marks – when making our admission decision. The supplemental application will be available on-line in December and costs $50 CDN to complete.

More information about the Rotman Commerce Supplemental Application can be found here.

Admissions decisions are based on mid-terms marks and then final marks are used to satisfy offer conditions. If you are an OUAC 105 (Non-Ontario or International) applicant, send your grades immediately, then send updated transcripts as new grades are available. OUAC 105 applications are considered on a rolling basis, so the sooner we have grades to evaluate, the better – even if they are not complete.

Refer to the info on our How to Apply page. Currently we only accept transfer students from UofT’s Faculty of Arts and Science.

Begin by reviewing the admission requirements for Rotman Commerce here.

If you would like to get in contact with a student at Rotman Commerce, please connect with one of our Relationship Managers for information on how to do so.

For information about getting in contact with Alumni, please contact our Alumni Relations office.

Our office is located at 252 Bloor Street W. For complete contact information, see our Contact section.

For information about our Bachelor of Commerce program, please review our program overview.

Rotman Commerce does not have a co-op program.  If you have a posting for a full-time, part-time, internship, or contract position please fill out our Job Posting Form and send it to  at your convenience.

Corporate Partners can also participate in the Professional Experience Year.  For information about program timelines, please click here

Please contact one of our relationship managers to receive access to our résumé books.

If you would like to set up an information session with our students, please fill out our Information Session Booking Form and connect with one of our respective relationship managers.  Full-time On-campus recruitment runs from the second week of September until mid-October, while Summer on-campus recruitment runs from November 1st until mid-February. Note that students will be on holidays from December 21st until January 5th.

If you have posted a role and are ready to move to the interview stage, please fill out the following form and speak to a respective relationship manager for next steps. We have reserved interview rooms, available for year round use. Connect with a Relationship Manager for more details.

The Rotman Commerce Career Centre can create posters, upload marketing material to digital screens located at the Rotman Commerce Building at 125 St. George Street, and create articles for our bi-weekly newsletter.  Please speak to one of our dedicated relationship managers for further information.

If you have a posting for a full-time, part-time, internship, or contract role please fill out our Job Posting Form and send it to  at your convenience.  There is no cost to posting or recruiting from any of our programs.

It is rare for offers to be withdrawn. In the unlikely event that your marks drop significantly, you will have the opportunity to explain what happened. There is usually a good reason (like an illness). Keep working hard. Keep doing what you’re doing and good things will continue to happen.

The Rotman Commerce Portal is a very important tool that you will be using on a regular basis during your four years as a Rotman Commerce student. In addition to our general information and various announcements, this is where you can do the following:

• Make an appointment with an Academic Advisor
• Register for Academic programming
• Register for Career Centre sessions

Your unique log in will be sent to you after you accept your offer of admission.

No. You have been admitted to the University of Toronto based on the courses you have either completed or are currently enrolled in. Any additional work that you complete over the summer months will help you with your preparation for university, but will not be evaluated by the University for admission.

It is difficult to change colleges after the admission decision has been made. Note that college membership has no bearing on your program of study — you can study any program with membership in any college. If you would like to switch colleges, you must contact the college you wish to switch into to find out if they have space available.

If you have questions pertaining to tuition fees or your financial accounts, please contact the Student Accounts Office or refer to the information as posted on their website for further assistance. Your College Registrar’s Office will also be able to assist you with general tuition inquiries, including full-time/part-time attendance status, summer tuition fees, as well as tuition refunds.

The recruitment team will be more than happy to put you in touch with current students to help you get to know the Rotman Commerce program better! You can contact them at:

Each summer full-course equivalent costs 1/5 of the program fee for the upcoming Fall/Winter session. Students with a course load of 1.5 or more will be classified as full-time students and pay full-time incidental fees. Students with 1.0 FCE or less will be classified as part-time students, and pay part-time incidental fees.

For First Year Commerce Students:
If you are enrolled in summer session courses and enrol in Rotman Commerce in July or later, your fees will be reassessed and be calculated at 1/5 of the upcoming Fall/Winter program fee per course that you will pay. You should check the Student Web Service (i.e., ACORN) for your readjusted balance after you have enrolled in one of our subject POSts.

You can change your contact information in ACORN, our student information system. Please ensure that your email address defaults to your account. Most of our correspondence is done via email and it is crucial that we have your most recent contact information.

It is possible to change your Specialist. You are advised, however, to obtain academic advising from a Program Advisor concerning program requirements and course selection strategies. It is also important for you to be aware that once a graduation request has been submitted, your subject POSt will be “locked in.” Therefore, changes to your subject POSt should be made prior to the graduation request deadline.

Two options to change your Rotman Commerce subject POSt:

Yes. Rotman Commerce is jointly offered by the Rotman School of Management and the Faculty of Arts & Science. There are over 300 programs offered within the Faculty of Arts & Science. Please refer to the latest edition of the Arts & Science Calendar for a full list of programs and their respective program requirements. Additionally, your College Registrar’s Office will be able to provide you with further advising concerning program choices and course selection.

Following the completion of your 1st year Guaranteed Admission requirements, your academic record will be assessed by the Rotman Commerce Program Office. Your academic record will be reviewed to ensure you have completed RSM100H with a mark of at least 67%; ECO101H and ECO102H, each with a mark of at least 63%; MAT133Y (63%) / MAT135H + MAT136H (each with 60%) / MAT137Y or MAT157Y (55%); and a total of at least 4.0 credits.

Starting in early July, you should check the ACORN for an invitation to a SPECIALIST IN MANAGEMENT subject POSt, which you must accept before you can change your subject POSt to one of the other two Rotman Commerce Specialists.

If you are taking Summer Session courses in order to complete your Guaranteed Admission requirements, your admission eligibility will be determined in late August/early September.

Note that First Year Commerce students do not need to apply to Rotman Commerce or submit a request to enroll in a Rotman Commerce subject POSt on ROSI or complete the Supplemental Application again.

Yes. If you think there has been an arithmetical error in the calculation of your mark, you may request a recheck of your course mark at the Office of the Faculty Registrar, located within the Faculty of Arts & Science. Note: this must be done within six months of the final examination period. In this situation your final examination will not be reread. Additional information regarding this process can be found online at

Yes. If you believe that your final examination has been incorrectly marked in its substance, you may submit a request for a reread of final examination through the Office of the Faculty Registrar, located within the Faculty of Arts & Science. Note: this must be done within six months of the final examination period.

You should note that a reread may result in a raised mark, a lowered mark, or no change. Additional information regarding this process can be found online at

If you are not able to complete a test or an assignment due to extenuating circumstances, it is important that you review the course syllabus to learn what procedures you should follow (including deadlines for submitting such an accommodation request). If the nature of your situation is not captured in the course syllabus, then we would advise that you speak directly with your instructor to determine what arrangements can potentially be made for you.

As stated on the University’s Academic Integrity website, the University of Toronto is governed by both a Code of Student Conduct and a Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters. Students should leave the University of Toronto having acquired certain abilities, values, and a commitment to standards of intellectual honesty and use of information. By maintaining academic honesty, the university safeguards the value and integrity of its degrees, which also protects students who are working responsibly and fairly toward completing those degrees. Please refer to the Student Rights and Responsibilities Series Pamphlet for important information on what you need to know about Academic Integrity. Students are also encouraged to consult with the Office of Student Academic Integrity if they have any questions as to what constitutes an academic misconduct offence:

Please note that the University’s Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters (“Code”) applies to all Rotman Commerce students. The code prohibits all forms of academic dishonesty including, but not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, and the use of unauthorized aids. Students violating the Code may be subject to penalties up to and including suspension or expulsion from the University. A copy of the Code may be found at

A Late Withdrawal may provide a student with the option to drop a course beyond the normal drop deadline. Such requests are submitted and granted through your College Registrar’s Office. The Faculty of Arts & Science website has more information on late withdrawals.

The Faculty of Arts & Science states that students who must write a deferred examination in a course that serves as a prerequisite for subsequent courses may enrol in those courses with the approval of the department concerned and provided that the term mark in the prerequisite (deferred) course is at least 60%. (see See comment under table in Petitions Regarding Examinations in the Faculty of Arts & Science 2012-2013 Calendar.

No. Although ACORN may technically allow students to enrol in courses if they don’t have the prerequisite(s), students are responsible for fulfilling prerequisites and corequisites; students enroled in courses for which they do not have the published prerequisites may have their registration in those courses cancelled at any time without warning. Students must also observe exclusions. Failure to meet these requirements may result in academic difficulties. If students withdraw from a course they must also withdraw from any course for which it is a co-requisite unless the Department giving the latter course agrees to waive the

Rotman Commerce does prerequisite checks on a frequent basis prior to and during the beginning of classes to identify students without prerequisite or co-requisites. An email is sent to students found to be lacking the prerequisite or co-requisite, and students who do not remove themselves from the course(s) will be removed by the Faculty of Arts & Science.

Unfortunately not – course registration start times are determined by the Faculty of Arts & Science; therefore, Rotman Commerce does not have control or influence over your specific start time. The Arts & Science Registration Handbook & Timetable states that:

In the event that you have completed all of your program and degree requirements but must wait for the next convocation date in order for your degree to be conferred, students can request a Letter Confirming Degree/Eligibility to Graduate. This may be required for pending employment or obtaining work permits.

Letters are issued at the Office of the Faculty Registrar in the Faculty of Arts & Science. In order for the Faculty of Arts & Science to perform an assessment of your record, you must:

Yes. Each year there are two possible dates for convocation: June and November. In June, students have the option of graduating either with their respective College or with Rotman Commerce. In November, students can graduate only with their College.

The Office of Convocation website is a valuable resource for information about graduation, which you are strongly encouraged to review. You may also want to consult with your College Registrar’s office for information on how to submit your graduation request. Rotman Commerce does not handle the graduation process.

Computer labs are available around campus and students may log in with their UTORid. Printing services for a fee are available at most computer labs. All Rotman Commerce students have access to the Woodsworth College and Rotman Commerce Joint Computer lab, located in the corridor adjacent to Kruger Hall in Woodsworth College. Additionally, all students have access to the computer facilities available at the UofT libraries.

Everything you need to thrive and to be supported as a student at U of T can be found on the Life at U of T website. Below is a list of the various topics about which you can find invaluable information:

Academic Support Student Organizations Arts and Culture
Heath & Wellness Counselling Students with Disabilities
Course Calendars LGBTQ Faith & Spirituality
Contacting Professors Leadership Sports and Recreation
Libraries Diversity & Equity Environment & Sustainability
Study Spaces Community Service Finances
International Opportunities Global Interests Housing
Aboriginal Student Services Campus Safety Computers & Software


You can also check out the A-Z Index of Student Services that provides direct links to the offices and resources available to University of Toronto students.

The University of Toronto provides a number of resources to help students improve their writing skills. For a full list of writing support programs offered on campus, including writing centres and writing courses, please consult the University of Toronto Writing website for additional details. In addition, Rotman Commerce regularly offers presentation coaching and teamwork support sessions. Check the Rotman Commerce portal and the Rotman Commerce LCD screens in the lower level and main office to see what’s on offer!

Depending on the time of year and the reason, Rotman Commerce students may be able to reserve a group study room located on the lower level of the Woodsworth College Residence across from the Rotman Commerce classrooms.  Please email Tracy Wang, Communications and Events Coordinator, at indicating the reason date and time.  Rooms WO 15, 17, 19 and 21 are available for booking by Rotman Commerce students in years 2 to 4.

Please note that some or all of the group study rooms may not be available for booking during the months of September, October and January due to on-campus recruitment.

Rotman Commerce students are encouraged to visit the Economics Study Centre if they need extra help or one-on-one tutoring concerning their 100- and 200-level Economics courses. The Centre is located within the Department of Economics at 150 St. George Street, and is staffed by third- and fourth-year peer mentors. More information may be found at

Rotman Commerce students have an opportunity to participate in a 12- or 16-month paid internship through the PEY Office (Professional Experience Year), run out of the Career Centre in the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering.

Students may also find such opportunities posted in the Career Centre section of the Rotman Commerce Portal. You may also be interested to know that we have three Relationship Managers who work at the Rotman Commerce Career Centre, providing one-on-one career counselling to Rotman Commerce students. Please log onto the Rotman Commerce Portal to see if you can secure an appointment slot with one of the Relationship Managers

The Credit/No Credit option was designed to encourage students to pursue courses outside those required for their programs that they might find interesting, but in which they think they may not do all that well.

Students may select up to 2.0 full course equivalents to be evaluated on a CR/NCR basis in the 20 credits required for their degree. The last day to opt in or out of CR/NCR is the last date to cancel the course without academic penalty (i.e., the “Drop Date”). In addition, the minimum grade to attain CR in a course is 50%.

How does this apply to Rotman Commerce Specialists?

Rotman Commerce recommends that students not choose the CR/NCR option for ECO courses. We feel this is a great option for adventurous course selection outside a student’s Rotman Commerce program course choices but not for RSM or ECO courses.

If you are ever in doubt about any of the above provisions, please contact the Rotman Commerce Program Office as well as your College Registrar’s Office to seek clarification prior to course enrolment.

For details: Note that courses taken to be assessed on a CR/NCR basis cannot be used to fulfill subject POSt requirements under any circumstances.

Outside of a student exchange or summer abroad program, students must obtain a Letter of Permission from the Transfer Credit Office in the Faculty of Arts & Science to confirm acceptability of your desired course(s) for transfer credit prior to course enrolment.  Unfortunately, this excludes UTM or UTSC where courses cannot be taken for RSM credit.

Note that assessments of transfer credit may take several weeks to process depending on the time of year and the nature of the request. Please visit the Faculty of Arts & Science website for a comprehensive overview on Transfer Credit & Letters of Permission.

Refer to our resource on Rotman Commerce Fees for more information on the fee calculation for the fall/winter and summer courses (including retroactive fees).

Retroactive fees apply to any first-year students who have completed 4.0 credits or more at the end of the fall/winter session, in which case any courses taken during the summer session are subjected to retroactive charges once a student is admitted to Rotman Commerce. Please feel free to contact the Program Office for clarification.

Yes, first-year Rotman Commerce students may enrol in 200-level RSM courses in the summer (pending class space) as long as the Guaranteed Admission requirements have been successfully completed by the end of April.

All students in a Rotman Commerce subject POSt (which is declared at the end of your first year) will pay a program fee. The fee you pay depends upon the session of your admission into the Faculty of Arts & Science. The program fees for each academic session are (or will be) available through the Student Accounts website.

You should refer to the Fee & Refund Schedules on the Student Accounts website when planning or changing your timetable, as refund amounts vary depending on the cancellation date.

A student’s Fall-Winter session fees will be calculated by one of two methods:

Please note that ACORN splits the program fee over the fall and winter terms even if you are taking all your courses in only one term.

The program fee does not include incidental or ancillary fees. Tuition, incidental and ancillary fees for each academic session are (or will be) available through the Student Accounts web site above.

If you are concerned about completing the terms of the Guaranteed Admission, then you should arrange a meeting with an academic advisor at the Program Office and also with an advisor from your College Registrar’s Office to discuss potential alternative programs to study.

The maximum term load for a summer course is 2.0 credits. If you are in a position where you need to take more than 2.0 credits you should consult with your College Registrar’s Office or Rotman Commerce Program Office.

If you missed the regular date to cancel a course, you can request an LWD to drop a class passed the regular drop date. The request must be made before the last day of classes in the relevant term at your College Registrar’s Office (April 8th). If you use an LWD, then you will not receive a final mark on your transcript, but rather the designation ‘LWD’ will appear on your transcript.

You are allowed to use up to 3.0 credits for an LWD. This can be an effective mechanism if you feel you cannot meet a first-year requirement since it will protect your GPA, especially if plan on repeating the class in the summer.

Here is a link for more info on a Late Withdrawal –

If you repeat a course that you have already passed (i.e. achieve a minimum 50%) but did not meet the GA requirement, then the repeated course will count as an EXTRA. This means the mark from the repeated course will be used to determine whether you have met the minimum program requirement, but it will not be counted in your GPA; only the first mark will be counted in your GPA.

Here is a link for the policy on Extras – please refer to the section “Extra” Courses: 100-series, Repeating and Excluded Courses in the Arts & Science Calendar

Please remain on the waitlist. There will be a lot of fluctuation that occurs on the waiting list as many students have chosen to add the course for precaution. But once the final marks are released (end of April) then many students discover they do not need to take a course in the summer and cancel their registration. If you are still on the waitlist one week before summer classes start, then please contact Rotman Commerce for assistance. Rotman Commerce will ultimately ensure a space for any first year Commerce students who needs to complete a required course.

Summer classes begin in early May and you should know your final mark before summer classes start. You can wait until you know your mark before deciding to add the course; however, you may wish to secure a space in the course as a precaution. If you have not yet completed the course, then you may add the summer course through ACORN on the date determined by the Faculty of Arts & Science..

If you have already completed the course or if you experience any difficulty adding the summer course, please visit your College Registrar’s Office.

Important Note: If you do not intend on remaining in the summer course, you must drop the course by the appropriate deadline in order to be eligible for a refund. Please review the summer fee information and refund schedule and/or consult with your College Registrar’s Office to determine the best strategy.

The summer 2016 fee information and refund schedule is available here:

All students admitted into the First-Year Commerce category are guaranteed a place in Rotman Commerce beginning in second year, providing the following requirements are met within one calendar year:

– Complete RSM100H, Introduction to Management, with a mark of at least 67%
– ECO101H, Principles of Microeconomics, and ECO102H, Principles of Macroeconomics, each with a mark of at least 63%
– Complete MAT133Y, Calculus and Linear Algebra for Commerce (or equivalent), with a mark of at least 63% (MAT equivalents: MAT135H + MAT136H each with a final mark of at least 60%; MAT137Y or MAT157Y with a final mark of at least 55%)
– Accumulate a minimum of 4.0 credits.

For more information on guaranteed admission requirements and procedures, refer to our Guaranteed Admission resource.