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Intramural sports eligibility

To be eligible to participate in Intramural activities a participant must:

  • Have paid the University of Toronto Athletic Centre membership fee.
  • Be registered on the official team list for each team for which they play.
  • Be a registered student in actual attendance proceeding to a degree or diploma.


A participant in Division I and II may compete only for those units with which they are affiliated. Affiliation is defined as registered or a resident in the College, Faculty or recognized group.

Multiple Affiliations

A student who is affiliated with more than one College, Faculty or recognized group (e.g., residence) may compete for any one of those units in each Intramural Sport if they have paid the unit’s activity fees for that year. Students who are eligible to play for teams in different Colleges, Faculties or recognized groups, will be bound in that sport for the season only to the College, Faculty or recognized group for which they first appear.

One team per sport

A participant may only play on one team and/or division per sport regardless of level, be it in Men’s or Women’s competition or Co-ed programs. Participation shall be defined as having their name appear on the game sheet. Further, eligible students may play in either the Men’s or the Women’s program as well as the Co-ed Program.



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