Career exploration allows you to understand how your interests, motivators, and existing skill set align with various industries and job categories. Once you have gone through the first step of self-assessment your next step is exploring what opportunities are available to an individual like you.

In your exploration, it is vital to bear in mind that you can acquire skills that you currently lack—it is your motivators and interests that should guide your career path, not your current level of knowledge about a particular subject or type of business.


Programming and Workshops

Our Career Services centre offers a variety of workshops, information sessions, and conference opportunities for all students and alumni up to 5 years post-graduation. In the quest to land the perfect first job, the knowledge gained from these sessions is instrumental in helping you to explore a diverse and changing job market.


Consider these programs and workshops as a continuation of your studies. Approach them with focus and attention, and you will maximize your chances of being able to implement the learning and refine your personal brand.


Sign up for a workshop or information session with the Rotman Commerce Career Services Centre.


Student Life

Across the board, almost all of our alumni say that one of the best investments that current students can make in their career preparation is to get involved in student life. From serving on student clubs, to being an alumni mentor to participating in competitions and conferences, you have hundreds of opportunities every year to get involved. Don’t miss out on what could be the best experiences of your university career – check out what’s going on at Rotman Commerce and get involved. You’ll be glad you did.

There’s something new every year at Rotman Commerce, as our student groups and program office are continually launching new initiatives. From conferences and symposia, to socials and competitions, to professional development sessions and guest speakers, there’s bound to be something that interests you. Log into the Rotman Commerce Portal frequently to see what’s going on – then sign up to attend!


Student Groups

Rotman Commerce provides countless experiential learning opportunities through student-lead learning communities. Rotman Commerce student organizations contribute to our students’ knowledge, skills development, and networks. Our student leaders are innovative and engaged citizens who contribute to the success of their organizations, other students, and the Rotman Commerce community.


The Rotman Commerce Students’ Association (RCSA) is your student government – representing all students enrolled in RSM courses. RCSA enriches the academic and university experience through social events, academic seminars, student services, and political/academic representation.


Meet Rotman Commerce students who are pursuing similar academic and career goals.


Meet Rotman Commerce students who share similar interests as you. Our recognized interest groups offer specific personal and skills development learning opportunities and communities.


Join Rotman Commerce students who serve the University community. Affiliate groups are composed mainly of Rotman Commerce students and are recognized annually through ULife.

Industry Research

Doing upfront research into various career options is a necessary step in guiding and building your career development plan, as you will want to ensure that you are exploring industries, companies and roles that are a right fit with your interests, values and strengths.


Spend some time considering how your values and motivators overlay with the industry you are looking to explore. Then, ask yourself if your interests aligned with that type of job. Use the tools below to help structure your research.


Create research guides based on the following indicators:

  • Company Missions and Value Statements
  • Financial health of the organizations
  • Community Involvement
  • Competitors and key players in the field
  • Professional Associations specific to that industry


The more you know about your target industry, the better prepared you will be in articulating your interest and discussing industry trends with employers. It will also better prepare you for the realities of the job and working for a particular company. Listed below are strategies to guide your targeting:

  • Learn the subject matter of your target industry (or industries) to understand current best practices and emerging trends.
  • Use your research to help focus your search on companies that align with your desired attributes, such as size, work culture, growth potential, or anything else you are seeking. Be tenacious in seeking out only those that meet your ideal goals.
  • Develop a contact list of individuals within that industry to which you have access, and leverage their network to expand your own.