Jatinder Chera

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Featured Alumni Profile

Jatinder Chera, BCom ’03

For Jatinder Chera (BCom ’03), Principal at Chera Law Firm, a Commerce degree from the University of Toronto was invaluable to his legal career. “At both Blake, Cassels, & Graydon LLP, and currently at Chera Law Firm, my business education has allowed me to better understand the legal concepts of corporate law, which ultimately has provided greater value to my clients,” he says.

UofT’s reputation is what drew him to the Commerce Program, but he credits the high caliber of the faculty and the opportunities to collaborate with his fellow students with shaping his positive Commerce experience. “A fond memory of mine is the opportunity to participate in the leadership and organization side of the commerce orientation.  It was an excellent opportunity to build relationships with my fellow classmates, “says Jatinder.

As an undergraduate student, Jatinder was primary involved with the University of Toronto Consulting Association (UTCA) – a network designed to connect students with industry professionals, promote awareness of the industry, and facilitate company recruiting efforts. As Vice-President Internal of the UTCA, he led the executive in organizing its flagship event, an annual case competition for organization members.

Jatinder was also a driving force behind the Kesri Ribbon Project, a volunteer not-for-profit South Asian Youth Initiative dedicated to providing leadership and inspiration by creating youth support systems.  As president, Jatinder oversaw all aspects of the Project’s initiatives including their Annual Youth Awards Dinner, which was attended by over 700 individuals and received national media coverage.

Following graduation, Jatinder joined BearingPoint Inc., a global management and technology consulting firm. “I wanted to be a professional problem solver and I enjoyed developing business strategy.  These interests provided a natural fit for the consulting industry,” he says.  As his career evolved, Jatinder discovered he had a strong interest in law, and decided to pursue his law degree at the University of Calgary. He now runs his own practice, which specializes in corporate/commercial law.

A former member of the Alumni Steering Committee, Jatinder was involved with various events. His participation in the “Significant Career Transitions” speaker’s event was personally meaningful.  Designed to present the stories and experiences of Commerce graduates who have made a significant transition, the event helped alumni understand how a background in commerce can be a significant benefit in making a career change. “As an alumnus who made a significant career transition from the consulting industry to starting my own law firm, I wanted to provide co-alumni an opportunity to understand the thought processes, challenges, and rewards of making a transition from a traditional commerce career path to a more unconventional one”, he says.

For Jatinder, it’s important to stay connected to the Rotman Commerce Alumni Network. “The alumni connection provides a fantastic networking opportunity for professional development and to show your appreciation for that opportunity by giving back to the alumni network.  “In essence, you will benefit based on how much you put into the alumni network,” he says.