David Lint

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Featured Alumni Profile

David Lint, BCom ’64

“Work very hard at all jobs with an eye focused on the job to be done. Over-deliver at all times. Meanwhile examine carefully what works for you personally and especially what doesn’t. Strive for a balanced work/life mix.”

Over the course of his career, Alumnus David Lint (BCom ’64) has worked as a marketing executive, management consultant, television and movie executive, and now co-founder and CEO of CineNOVA Productions, one of Canada’s successful integrated producers for world markets. Of his success, David says his, “BCom and MBA degrees were foundational.”

He chose UofT’s Commerce Program because of it offered a good mix of economics and electives, as well as a very strong faculty. His undergraduate experience was shaped by his decision in second year to move into an on-campus fraternity house. “The mix of social activities in the midst of academics was a winning one for me,” he says. A jazz musician, David played in the football marching band and also held elected positions, including president of his fraternity.

After graduation, David worked as a summer intern at Procter & Gamble. He then completed his MBA before returning to P&G, where he spent five years in product management – an experience he describes as “an excellent grounding for life.”

For the next four years, he worked at McKinsey where he focused on marketing and organizational strategy. However, when he accepted a job at the CBC as Assistant to the President for strategic planning, he realized that he was happiest applying his academic and early business experience in a creative milieu.

When he returned to the private sector, David held senior development positions with Montreal-based Telemedia and Torstar. Prior to co-founding CINENOVA, David was the Executive Vice-President (COO) of Famous Players and founding director of C/FP Flims, a film production and distribution firm.“My career path has been unusual,” admits David, but he recognizes that his Commerce degree provided him with a “core understanding of finance, accounting, and economic history, all of which are vital to a management career, wherever.”