Beatrix Berczi

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Featured Alumni Profile

Beatrix Berczi, BCom ’04

“By giving back to Rotman Commerce, I have the opportunity to share some of my experience and to perhaps open to new doors to students that they didn’t even know existed.”


For Beatrix Berczi (B.Com. 2004), a degree in commerce was the perfect way to translate her love of math into a means of earning a good income. “I thought commerce was the closest I could get to combining math with money,” she says. Surprisingly, it was a Queen’s campus tour that led her to the University of Toronto. “I learned that [Queen’s] business students study abroad in their third year and once I heard that, I became obsessed with studying abroad. The excellent exchange program [at Rotman Commerce] is the second reason why I chose U of T.” Naturally, Beatrix took advantage of the program and spent her third year overseas at the University of Hong Kong.

Following graduation, Beatrix worked as a media consultant for a company based out of Belgium. Her first post was in Bahrain, followed by one in Kuwait. “It was an opportunity to see the world, face unknown challenges, and broaden my understanding of people who had different views, experiences, and priorities,” she says.

Looking back on her undergraduate years, Beatrix says that the one thing she regrets is not living on campus. “I always felt like there were all these amazing people I was missing out on because I didn’t have the constant connection outside of the classroom,” she says. However, she notes, “being a loner had its perks.” She was free to explore the St. George campus to find the perfect places to study, relax, and exercise. Her favourite building and the one she spent the most time in was Hart House.

Currently a Division Director with Investors Group, Beatrix has taken one lesson from Professor Pesando’s first-year economics class with her throughout her career: that people respond to incentives. “It’s been seven years and I remember nothing else from his course except that,” she says. This isn’t entirely true – Beatrix also admits that the class had another lasting impact because “it was the first time I felt understood in the classroom.”

Since graduating, Beatrix has been a committed volunteer in the Rotman Commerce Alumni Mentorship Program and participated in various student-alumni initiatives such as the Inside the Alumni Network series. She attributes much of her success to the generosity of those who took the time to invest and believe in her and she honours them by paying it forward. When she’s not volunteering with Rotman Commerce, Beatrix can be found at one of our many alumni events. “Lately, I have started attending alumni events to re-connect with other grads who have had several years of work experience under their belt and who share some of my memories even if we had those memories at different times and in different years. It’s nice to reminisce,” she says.

As for what she’s learned since being out of school? “Every job contributes to who you develop into,” says Beatrix. “You may have one job, career, or vocation for the rest of your life or you may have twenty; either way whatever you decide is flexible. And if you have no idea what to do next, that’s okay too. No decision is permanent.”