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Our alumni community is over 14,000 members strong. From Toronto to New York City to Hong Kong and beyond, our graduates are making their marks in businesses and communities around the globe. We are exceptionally proud of all of our grads and are excited to share their stories. 

Featured Alumni Profile

Stephen HudovernikStephen Hudovernik, BCom ‘95, J.D. ‘96
Senior Director of Planning, Performance and Analysis – CBC/Radio Canada

A solid business education has proven very beneficial to Stephen Hudovernik (BCom ’95); for him, it has been a stepping-stone on which he has built his career. The fundamentals he learned during the BCom program were essential to keeping up-to-date, and ultimately succeeding, in business. “I knew that a very practical degree in Commerce from a globally renowned university would be a big asset for me personally,” says Hudovernik.

Hudovernik has fond memories of his time at Commerce – the stimulation of discussing course material and practicing for exams with his fellow students are highlights of his time in class. He also recalls, with a little less rosiness, the tedium of trudging across campus to classes in Sidney Smith or Victoria College, and writing exams in Kruger Hall (then known as the ‘Drill Hall’). Outside of class, Hudovernik was active in the U of T community, participating in a number of clubs and activities. As a member of the Hart House Debating Club, he developed valuable skills in public speaking and thinking on his feet, which continue to serve him well today. He was also part of the U of T Curling Club and volunteered at the CIUT radio station as on on-air host – a gig that seems particularly relevant, given Hudovernik’s current role as a senior director at CBC/Radio Canada.

Not knowing exactly what path to follow after graduation, Hudovernik began as a Budget Analyst with YTV. From there, his interest in business planning lead him to role of Director, Planning & Analysis for the TV Division of Corus Entertainment. “Working in a small but growing company had many benefits such as being thrown into work that simply needed to be done and it provided an excellent opportunity to learn,” remembers Hudovernik. In 2003 he moved to CBC/Radio-Canada where he has held a number of different roles from working within the Business Development area to his current position as Senior Director of Planning, Performance and Analysis.

Community involvement is also important to Hudovernik, and he has been involved with professional education for several years: first as a Moderator for the former CMA Ontario’s Strategic Leadership Program and now as a Session Leader with CPA Ontario’s Professional Education Program.

Hudovernik joined the Rotman Commerce Alumni Steering Committee in 2016. “The community we have as BCom alumni is a valuable asset from many perspectives: from alumni connections to advice to education, we can all benefit from our shared experiences and further enhance our life-long relationship,” he enthuses. A proponent of lifelong mentorship, Stephen initiated the Alumni Steering Committee’s Career Roundtable events, which offer young alumni a chance to discuss career and work issues with more experienced alumni in a small-group setting.

His advice for new grads? “Be true to yourself and discover what aspects of business you enjoy – then follow the path that makes sense for you. It may not be fully clear where you will end up in 10, 20, or 30 years, but allow yourself to enjoy the journey and find out what ‘makes you tick’. Life is about exploration, and in the professional sense, follow your instincts.”