Rotman Commerce student organizations contribute in a significant way to each student’s intellectual and skill-based development. Fundamental to Rotman Commerce’s recognition of its student organizations is the belief that they provide countless opportunities for students to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become innovative leaders and engaged citizens who contribute to the success of organizations and the betterment of communities.

Leadership Opportunities

Student organizations provide a place for emerging, passionate leaders to apply their learned academic knowledge to drive multicultural teams, partner with Fortune 500 organizations, discover and implement actionable solutions and enhance professional development opportunities for their peers.

As catalysts and leaders of these organizations, student executives identify and cultivate opportunities for their teams to obtain new skills and knowledge, which make it more likely that the group will make a positive difference in all endeavours, projects or events undertaken.

Our student organizations include:

The Rotman Commerce Students’ Association (RCSA) is the student government within the Program. Representing all students enrolled in RSM courses, RCSA enriches the academic and university experience through social events, academic seminars, student services, and political/academic representation

Recognized Rotman Commerce Student Associations

Through recognized student associations, students are afforded the opportunity to gain knowledge and insight that will allow them to make informed decisions regarding what professional/personal interests, career aspirations and opportunities to pursue during their studies. Additionally, they are provided opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills to propose solutions to the issues, concerns and opportunities shaping our world.

Executives of recognized student associations work collaboratively to facilitate conferences, competitions, non-company specific networking opportunities, non-technical skill-based training and community-building activities that help to drive student engagement within the Program. Through their programming, they develop new student insights via the application of sound and practical metrics, review and feedback, communication and effective time management.

Recognized Rotman Commerce Student Groups

Meet students who share similar interests and needs as you. Our recognized student groups offer specific learning opportunities to address a particular topic, area of study or skill that is relevant to each student’s academic experience and personal development.

Unlike our recognized student associations, student groups offer customized learning opportunities that allow students to gain ongoing support and experience specific to a particular area of study or skill that will assist them in the classroom and everyday life