Rotman Commerce provides countless experiential learning opportunities through student-lead learning communities. Rotman Commerce student organizations contribute to our students’ knowledge, skills development, and networks. Our student leaders are innovative and engaged citizens who contribute to the success of their organizations, other students, and the Rotman Commerce community. Join a Rotman Commerce learning community:


Student Union:

The Rotman Commerce Students’ Association (RCSA) is your student government – representing all students enrolled in RSM courses. RCSA enriches the academic and university experience through social events, academic seminars, student services, and political/academic representation.


Academic Associations:

Meet Rotman Commerce students who are pursuing similar academic and career goals.


Interest Groups:

Meet Rotman Commerce students who share similar interests as you. Our recognized interest groups offer specific personal and skills development learning opportunities and communities.


Affiliate Groups:

Join Rotman Commerce students who serve the University community. Affiliate groups are composed mainly of Rotman Commerce students and are recognized annually through ULife.